Reports of this blog’s death are exaggerated!

A friend told me today that this blog just came up on his list of dead blogs.

It’s not dead.

I swear!

It’s hibernating while I finish my book. Personal Connections in the Digital Age is now less than THREE WEEKS from going to press and it is sucking up all the writing energy I have (though mostly it’s tedious microediting at this point).


p.s. if you want to see what was sucking up my time all summer, here are pictures from my adventures in Australia.

Sneak preview:

Update: Ok, the book is done and I’m still a very inactive blogger. Sorry about that.

Comments (2) to “Reports of this blog’s death are exaggerated!”

  1. My blog isn’t dead either. It’s just resting. :)

  2. Thanks for the news! It was of course a little obvious that other engagements had come up (though I knew not whether they were guestblogging or publishing or vacations), but it’s good to know that there will be more content soon.

    It’s even better to know that the book is almost finished. Good luck!