Official Site of the Grateful Dead Relaunches

If ever there was a band that lends itself to social networking it’s The Grateful Dead. There’s probably a compelling argument to be made that the Deadheads were the original social networking fans (not the first fan club by ANY stretch, but perhaps the first to get their connections to span geographical distance in compelling interpersonal ways). I always kind of wished I was a Deadhead, but they don’t play tight little three minute pop songs. Oh well. Guess I came close with R.E.M.

Today is the official (re)launch of the official site of the Grateful Dead. But I confess some confusion as to why Techcrunch, which has sneak preview screenshots if you follow the link, is calling this site a social networking site given that there don’t seem to be member profiles or friending systems. Looks like your basic fansite to me, though enhanced in ways an official site can be. Love that there’s a Tapers Section front and center. If only all band sites had that…

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