Mesh Conference in Toronto May 21-22

I’ll be speaking this spring at Mesh, “Canada’s Web Conference” as part of a panel looking at the increasingly blurry boundaries between public and private. Today they launched registration. Here’s how they describe Mesh:

mesh-logo.gifCanada’s premier Web conference, being held in Toronto on May 21st & 22nd, 2008, is a chance to connect with people who are as excited about the potential of the Web as you are — people who want to know more about how it is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world. And you won’t just connect with them in the hallways — at mesh, every panel and workshop is interactive.

The Web is disrupting virtually every industry and marketplace. mesh is a chance for you to hear real-world examples of how the Web and social media are affecting you as a marketer or public relations professional, as an entrepreneur or investor, as a member of the media or just someone interested in the world around them. Share your insights and learn from those of others like you at mesh.

The evolution of the Web as a social medium is dismantling old business models, but it is also creating new ways for us to communicate, collaborate, entertain and inform. At mesh, you will hear from people who are using these tools in creative ways. We believe that by connecting and sharing our ideas, we can help inspire each other to do something great, whether it’s running a startup or building a community.


Among the other speakers are two people I’ve long been following: Ethan Kaplan, CTO for Warner Brothers, and founder of the hugely successful REM fansite is one of the keynoters. He was one of the first people I interviewed when I started this blog, and he is a great exemplar of how the internet provides fans a platform that can reshape fan/label relationships (see, for instance, the keynote I gave at the Norwegian music conference by:Larm).



I’m also looking forward to seeing Michael Masnick speak — his Techdirt blog is by far my favorite source of insightful technology news analysis. Somedays I think I could lazily write half of this blog by pointing to his coverage of the music industry and saying “what he said.” I expect to learn a lot from all the speakers and those who attend, and really look forward to being there myself.


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  1. Aw – I did a little leap of joy at first because I’ll actually BE in Toronto on those days, when ARCTIC is on tour. (We’re playing at The Boat on May 21!) But I don’t think I’ll have enough time free in the daytime to justify registering… too bad, because it sounds pretty useful. Hope you enjoy it!