Make Your Own Lost Pantry

A nice example of fans appropriating pop culture on the net: Over on the blog Insanely Great News, Lost fans have created PDF labels that replicate the food containers from the show and put them up to share with other Lost fans. As they say, while preparing for a Lost party:

… we realized that normal food wasn’t gonna cut it tonight. We wanted to eat like Hurley and drink like Desmond, and thus was born the Lost Label Project – an effort to make our pantry look way more like this.

And because the best part of making something cool is sharing it, we created a downloadable Label-Maker kit. Just grab this PDF, print it out, tape it to some beer bottles, and drink to your hearts content. Change the words and turn everything you own into a Dharma ration!

The comments expressing gratitude, telling how they used the labels, and critiquing their choice of barcode, are a succinct demonstration of how fans use pop culture materials to serve one another and as material for play.

Comments (4) to “Make Your Own Lost Pantry”

  1. Nice with pictures in the post, Nancy! And line up greatly too. Lost? Never seen an episode… *blushing* :)

  2. At least you have an excuse what with living in another country and all. Me? (just copied and pasted the pix from their post — don’t tell!)

  3. Oh, it´s *huge* here too, and the addicts download the American episodes off the net and are way ahead the Swedish season…

  4. can some one help me i can’t download labels and if i do i get beer and no logo can some one help me my e-mail is