Live blogroll gizmo

My buddy David turned me on to a really nice little web app called Feevy that lets you embed an RSS feedreader on your site. Over on the right there you’ll notice a new link under contents called “Blogroll Feed” where I’ve collated all the blogs in the ‘eyes on net pop culture’ blogs in the blogroll, making this your handy dandy one stop shop for that sort of blog action. Hope you find it handy and if there are blogs you think should be included that aren’t, let me know in the comments!

Comments (3) to “Live blogroll gizmo”

  1. Hi! Sure you would love the possibility of using feevy for make easyly blog portals as (portal of Spanish representatives who have blog)

    As feevy reorders blogs in your blogroll according to their updating, the feeling is that your are visualizing the conversation in “vertical levels”… well, i think i don’t explain myself very well in English… have a look by yourself…

  2. nancy!

    i have a suggestion/homework assignment – integrate your feevy on your main page for 24 hours and see what happens. it will most likely be a) interesting or b) not interesting, both relatively painless options. =)

    oh, and the anti-spam word for this post is peace! nice.

  3. Ok David, You got it. I put it in the sidebar, but it’s not lining up quite right. I’ll keep an eye on things like outgoing links and report back.

    I have an antispam captcha that lets me choose the words, they should all be worth visualizing ;) No wasted typing time round here.