Internet Inquiry is Here!

Internet Inquiry Cover

I got my hard copies of my new book Fed Ex today, and it’s being offered at 2/3 the regular price at Amazon so if you’ve been waiting to order it, now’s the time!  Besides Annette and me, the authors include (in order of appearance):

  • Christine Hine
  • Lori Kendall
  • danah boyd
  • Ramesh Srinivasan
  • Elaine Lally
  • Jenny Sundén
  • John Campbell
  • Shani Orgad
  • Maria Bakardjieva
  • Radhika Gajjala
  • Malin Sveningsson
  • Elizabeth Buchanan
  • Susannah Stern

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  1. A friend of mine just posted this blog entry about email ethos. When I read it I found myself wondering what your opinion on the topic would be. Here’s the link,forgive me if I’m pointing you to something you have already covered. Cheers!