Going to SXSW Interactive?

I’ll be there, running a conversation about being a good interviewer. Not to be confused with being a good interviewEE.It’s a bit tangential to the usual stuff I do, but I’ve sure interviewed plenty of people, and I’ve taught interviewing for years and years, so it will be fun and useful for all. After all, even if you aren’t a professional interviewer, odds are you’re going to need to ask someone a series of questions at some point in your life, and doing it well is way better than doing it poorly!

It’s my first time at SXSW. Any advice on making the most of it, panels to catch, people to meet (you?), etc, most appreciated!

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  1. As you might have already heard, sometimes what happens after the panels at SXSW is more interesting than what happens at the panels. When I went a few years back, I caught a couple interesting panels on gaming and an interesting panel on web typography; most of the rest of the panels I attended were generally quite dry and uninspired. There are, however, some great conversations and spaces for collaboration to be had with other attendees at the many free parties you can wander your way into in the evening. If you (like me) are not the sort of person who just happens to stumble into parties normally, I recommend getting a few trustworthy people’s Twitter screen names and allowing their updates to be sent to your phone. (It worked very well for the people I went with; I regret being too cheap to spring for the extra incoming texts.)