Don’t JudgeOJ(.com)

Remember back in August when OJ Simpson was going to launch a website, where fans would be “able to watch Simpson conduct radio interviews, chat to fans at bus shelters and enjoy the company of lapdancers at clubs?” The site, “shot by one of Simpson’s longtime pals, was created to serve as a chance for the NAKED GUN star to clean up his image, tarnished by the 1994 trial into his wife’s murder.”

Well, as if that image needed any more tarnishing given the lashing his not-getting-published book has received (you know things are bad when Murdoch says it’s crossed a line of decency), the site doesn’t seem to have worked out either. It’s now being used to seek a partner (publisher? film company? download on demand?) to make use of the hours and hours of OJ footage that apparently never quite got going on the site.

Call me crazy, but this guy’s got some strange ideas about how to clean up an image.

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