Best Twitter Exchange Ever: Burgess vs. Keen

Normally I wouldn’t rebroadcast others’ (public) Twitters on here, but I cannot resist sharing this wonderful bit of banter between Andrew Keen, Mr. Cult of the Amateur, famous for his argument that all those non-professionals on the internet are destroying culture what with their lack of professional editing and all, and Jean Burgess of Queensland University of Technology, an expert in digital “vernacular” and co-author with Joshua Green of a forthcoming book on YouTube I’ve been lucky enough to read already.

It started with Keen tweeting about working on his “bookie-wookie.” Jean retorts (It’s a Twitter exchange, so scroll down now and read bottom to top, not top to bottom):


Give him credit for maintaining a sense of humor, but with “You think “teh” is a misspelling? Ah, that explains everything,” it’s definitely Burgess FTW!

And while on the subject of  tweets that beautifully demonstrate the linguistic creativity and playfulness of Twitterspeak, I point you to Music Ally’s summation of the ten best tweets sent by Peter Sunde while on trial recently in Sweden for his role as co-founder of Sweden-based-world’s-largest bit torrent tracker, The Pirate Bay.

UPDATE: I fixed the broken link to the MusicAlly blog — thanks to those who alerted me to my mistake.

Comments (3) to “Best Twitter Exchange Ever: Burgess vs. Keen”

  1. Haha, lovely

  2. I don’t get it. Why would anyone bother reading Keen, let alone tweeting him? :-)

  3. Dr. Strangelove, if you look through this blog you will find this is the 1st time I’ve ever written about him, and I assure you I’ve never read him either! I was totally on the Ignore-Him-And-He’ll-Go-Away bandwagon. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love watching him get owned, especially by my smart friends :)