A Pause While I Gush

I saw Chris Isaak last night for the third time in a mere 18 years.

The Divine Chris Isaak

What a singer, what a showman, what a band, what a great great show.

A guy like him should have better fan sites than the current (mostly outdated) crop that’s out there.

Comments (2) to “A Pause While I Gush”

  1. I have a very nice Chris Isaak fan site.
    Check it out sometime..

  2. The site chrisisaakfan.com, like most of the other Chris Isaak fan sites I found, is more like a personal homage to him. It lacks the crucial elements a fan site ought to have: there is no discussion forum, there is no discography or concert chronology, there is no means for other fans to contribute. I can learn about the site master’s fandom, but I can’t interact with other fans or learn about his career and what I’ve missed there.

    It’s not easy to create those sites (as the interviews I’ve done with people who maintain them demonstrate), but I’m surprised Chris Isaak doesn’t seem to have one.